Love Yourself 2022: Day 14

Happy Valentines Day!

It’s Valentine’s day, and whether you have a significant other or are single. I hope you have a fantastic day and know that you are loved, cared about, and just awesome! If you are single, take yourself out on a date. Do something you love, go to a restaurant and have a great time. You don’t need anyone to make you happy.

Book Update # 2

The second book update for Loveathon and the first and last book update for Manga Love.


  • Convenience Store Woman
  • How Do You Live?
  • Good Girl Complex
  • Heartstopper vol. 4
  • Given vol. 2
  • Given vol. 3

Manga Love:

  1. Read one volume a day
  2. Read a Shae favorite
  3. Read a love story
  4. Read an LGBTQ+ title
  1. FAILED. I was unable to read one volume a day.
  2. I decided to read Those Not-So-Sweet Boys vol. 4 & 5.
  3. Love at Fourteen was my pick for a love story
  4. Boys Run the Riot vol. 2

My favorite book this time around would be How Do You Live?, and this time I don’t have a least favorite which is nice. I decided to pick up Boys Run the Riot as my LGBTQ+ title. I think it’s pretty empowering and a very touching story.


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