Love Yourself 2022: Day 15

Favorite Bookstores

It was really hard to narrow down my favorite bookstore so here are my top 3.


  • I love EVERYTHING about the Kinokuniya store in SF. It’s two stories has a giant window which I LOVE! Plus the staff are so welcoming and nice that it makes going book shopping so much fun.

Green Apples Books

  • This one I go to a lot because my job is in walking distance of it. Again, the staff are really nice and welcoming and I love talking with them about books.

Barnes and Noble

  • I am a sucker for windows and the B&N near me has a GIANT and GORGEOUS window that I love to sit in front of. I find it a very relaxing environment. Especially, sitting in the sun!

Although my library consists of ebooks, I have a fair share of physical books that I own. Especially if it’s a series that I am dying to read and it’s not available in ebook form. The reason why I go into bookstore is due to the environment. Bookstores are very calming to me and I love seeing what books other people pick up. Do you have a favorite booksstore?


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