Love Yourself 2022: Day 17

Weighted Blankets/Plush

If you have anxiety I highly suggest that you purchase a weighted blanket and or a weighted plush. Possibly both because they are fantastic. The weighted blanket feels like a consistent warm hug. I would suggest if you are a not so strong person like me (I struggle carrying milk) to stay in one place because I have tried to move multiple times with the weighted blanket and fell on my face. It was funny. Plus, my little one LOVES the weighted blanket. She does suffer from anxiety and is 100% obsessed and sleeps the best with this blanket. I have the 25 pound weighted blanket and that works perfectly for me.

The weighted plush. I LOVE snuggling with my weighted plush, it is very comforting and soft. I purchased mine from Disneyland. I bought Eeyore because I love him and I think he always needs some cuddles. I do have to say just like the blanket my little one and I fight over Eeyore because of how cuddly he is.


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