First Signs of Halloween Horror Nights 2022

Oh my…

Halloween Horror Nights theme has FINALLY been announced, and when I say FINALLY I mean OMG the return has been announced. So this years Halloween Horror Nights theme this year will be Never Go Alone. Now, Universal Studios Orlando was the one to announce and actually start showing off merchandise as of today. Universal Studios Hollywood has not mentioned anything, but I am sure they are not far behind Orlando. If you have visited or visiting the park keep your eyes open because you can spot some Halloween Horror Nights equipment already making it’s way out.

This is a cousin tradition and I know that we are already starting to plan things out because we want participate on both coasts which means it is a lot of traveling for the six of us and a lot of different schedules to coordinate. We know that we are going to also want to visit Walt Disney World because our motto is go big or go home.

What are you hoping for this Halloween Horror Nights season?


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