Trachea Troubles #2

We made it through an entire month without any cough medicine. I honestly find this an accomplishment because she is not coughing. Although, recently, she has been back breathing a little, and I wanted to give her some, BUT I realized that since it has gotten colder, we have had the heaters on, which makes the air dry. I bought a couple of heating blankets and pads and kept them in the spots she usually likes to lay in. As for walking off a leash, she does well and stays right next to us, but I also make sure I am in a safe area and an off-leash dog area because I still worry. I am currently looking for something that possibly goes around her butt area instead of her neck. So far, no luck. I am still slightly stressed about the entire situation and keep researching and talking to vets to make sure I am making her as comfortable as possible.


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