Book Count: June 2022 Pt. 4

FINALLY!!! It is the last Book Count Post!

Thank you for everyone who actually found this series interesting and stuck it out for this FINAL book count post. You are all AMAZING! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Nook App: 28

  • Changed World vol. 1
  • New York, New York vol. 1
  • M Androgynous Boyfriend vol. 1
  • Toritan Birds of a Feather vol. 1 & 2
  • Smokin’ Parade vol. 1
  • Your Love Belongs to Me vol. 1
  • There Are Things I Can’t Tell You vol. 1
  • All I Think About is You vol. 1
  • Escape Journey vol. 1
  • Love and Truth
  • The Demon Wants to Be A Good Boy
  • Replay vol. 1
  • Spiritual Police
  • Fourth Generation Head: Tatsuyuki Oyamato vol. 1
  • Dick Fight Island vol. 1
  • Happy Marriage vol. 1
  • Tomorrow, Make Me Yours vol. 1
  • Ten Count vol. 1
  • Graineliers vol. 1
  • Don’t Be Cruel vol. 1
  • Coyote vol. 1
  • The Writer and His Housekeeper vol. 1
  • Koimonogatari vol. 1
  • The Saga of Tanya The Evil vol. 1
  • Kakegurui vol. 1
  • Vatican by Alex Wolf
  • Heaven Official’s Blessing vol. 1
  • Sayonara Game

I don’t use my Nook app too much, which is why I don’t have a lot on here, and it’s mainly all vol. 1 of each one. I prefer the Kindle to read manga and iBooks to read. Okay, the TOTAL books on all these apps and my physical books are 1,042. I can’t imagine having all of these in Physical Form, and I am so happy I have a traveling library.

Do you use a Nook or use the Nook App?


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