Belle Health Update July 2022

It has been some long nights…

Let me first start by saying Belle is 100% okay now and I am very grateful she has a clean bill of health once again. Secondly, she is 100% my dog.

July 3, I notice she as walking a bit weird. I thought maybe she had something stuck on her paw pads so I checked her over but found nothing. On the fourth she was now limping. Her right foot was bothering her. So I called and made an appointment for her for the sixth. The soonest that her vet could see her. By the fifth her limp turned into not putting her foot down and crying every time we tried to pick her up or if she got up from laying down. I also noticed that she was struggling with her balance and peeing. I can tell she was in a lot of discomfort and very uncomfortable because she was having a hard time moving, spinning and just being Belle.

I dropped her off at the Vet at 7:30 in the morning. They were planning on taking blood and doing an X-Ray. The thoughts so far was she had a degenerative disc in her neck which is causing her discomfort and pain. They wanted to make sure so they gave her medicine so they could give her an X-ray. Here comes the fun part. They extracted the rest of Belle’s teeth, so she had major surgery in her mouth. They also confirmed that she has a degenerative disc in her neck BUT it’s not just one but to discs that are causing her the pain because it is pinching a nerve.

Belle now has to take two types of medicine every day. One is a muscle relaxer and one is pain medication. The doses will change after two weeks BUT as of now she is taking one of them once a day and the other twice a day. She is once again her happy and healthy self and I am so happy but I am trying to keep her from spinning or running too much while the discs are still inflamed.

I love my little girl and would do anything for her to make sure she is at her best and not suffering. It was a very scary time but like always we will will get through this.


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