Winchester Mystery House: Unhinged: Nightshades Curse 2022

The Winchester House presents a new terrifying chapter, Unhinged: Nightshades Curse, after a two-year hiatus. For 13 spooky nights, guests are drawn to Madame Nightshade’s Mystic Carnival and House of Mystery. General Admission tickets will access the indoor haunt and the outdoor show featuring sideshow entertainers, games, food, and a spooky bar. VIP tickets will allow the ticket holders to walk through both routes and gain expedited access to the haunt for a $15 upgrade.

Spookeasy Bar:

  • This 21+ bar will offer enchanting elixirs and blood curdling cocktails all nights of Unhinged: Nightshade’s Curse.
  • Cafe 13 in the main courtyard will see a variety of food and dessert items

Midway Games and More:

  • Wander the Spirit Carnival and play games of chance and skill.
  • Get your fortune told in the Fortune Tellers Tellers Tent of Mystery.
  • Check out the M.Nightshade’s Cabinet of Oddities and Curiosities, her personal collection fo haunting and unsettling objects.
  • Throw axes at the targets near The Stables.

Keep your eyes peeled for some spirits who hang around the Winchester Mystery House.

  • The Caretaker
  • Clyde (Wheelbarrow Ghost)
  • Little Mary
  • Headless Helena
  • Swamp Hag
  • The Bride

13 Nights of Unhinged: Nightshades Curse 2022


  • 30


  • 1, 7, 8, 14, 15, 21, 22, 23, 28, 29, 30, 31

Ticket Prices:

Unhinged VIP-

  • 6:30 pm $79.99 – $84.99
  • 9 pm $79.99 – $84.99

Unhinged General Admission-

  • 6:30 pm $64.99 – $69.99
  • 9 pm $64.99 – $69.99
  • 10:30 pm $64.99 – $69.99

I don’t know about you, BUT I am ready to pick up my ticket and check out all the fun. Will you attend Unhinged: Nightshades Curse?


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