Obsessed: Concerts September 2022

Oh my goodness! I am so excited because Monsta X is having an online concert and I am 100% looking forward to watching them. They are one of my favorite K-Pop bands and their concert is soon.


  • SMTOWN Live 2022 Human City Suwon
  • SMTOWN Live 2022 Tokyo
  • OHHOHO Trip (Wonho)
  • Kang Daniel
  • VeriVery First Concert Page 2 Day
  • Welcome To Strange World 2022: Ha Sung Woo Concert Day 2


Waiting to Purchase:

  • BTS (I’m hoping it’s available online)

I LOVED all the concerts that I have attended, BUT like I said, Monsta X is one of my FAVORITE groups, so I am super excited to see them perform. I know they are going to do a FANTASTIC job. Who are your favorite groups?


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