Decorate with Me: Living Room 2022

I am obsessed with spooky season!! Some of you might think that I am a little early for Halloween, BUT I feel like I am actually running slightly behind. Walt Disney World had its first Halloween Party in August. Anyways, here is what I set up for the Living Room.

First, I brought out Halloween throw blankets and pillows because it’s spooky, BUT we also need comfy. Next, I put out some branchy trees, added my coffin letter board to the tea station, and put out some pumpkins. My favorite is the mini pumpkins with the pup paws on them. Because I am me, I HAD to make a small pumpkin patch with the more giant pumpkins we had, and I love that creepy little pumpkin patch! I think it is my favorite spot in the house.

Next, I put a spooky spider table runner on the table because it needed something. I also put spiders randomly throughout the house because the ones I put up for my little cousin’s Birthday still scare me to this day, and I thought it would be fun to add more. I will probably add more as the days pass because I will find something else that needs to be in there, but this is what I have so far.


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