Decorate w/Me: Puppy Playpen 2022

It is time to spookify the pups playpen!

This is one of my FAVORITE areas to decorate! This year for the porch is a graveyard scene so I thought it was only fitting to do a mini graveyard scene in the playpen as well.

What I did:

  • Water bowl is now a Black Cat water bowl
  • The skeleton heads are still up
  • Tombstone plushies
  • Flying bats
  • Pumpkins
  • Mini Skeletons

We did retired their gate so it is just completely open so I lined their ramp with a tombstone and some pumpkins and put a tombstone near their black cat water bowl. The bats are on the wall but lower so I can still take pictures of them with the bats. The mini Skeleton is hanging out on the top of their ramp and we might be moving him if I think of something

Do you decorate your puppy playpen?


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