Monthly Wrap Up: September 2022

I tried my hardest not to read a lot of books this month and I think it kind of worked…maybe, I guess it depends on who you ask. But anyways, here are the books that I read this month.


  • Sing Me A Love Song (An Idol In Love #1)
  • Make My Heart Sing (An Idol In Love #2)
  • Rhythm of Love (An Idol In Love #3)
  • Key to My Heart (An Idol In Love #4)
  • Beautiful Melody (An Idol In Love #5)
  • Hearts in Harmony (An Idol In Love #6)
  • You’re My Star (An Idol In Love #7)
  • Shining Star (An Idol In Love #8)
  • Almost There (A Twisted Tale #13)
  • The Crowns of Croswald (#1)
  • Throttled (Dirty Air, #1)


  • Tokyo Ghoul vol. 6
  • Tokyo Ghoul vol. 7
  • Tokyo Ghoul vol. 8
  • Tomodachi Game vol. 17
  • Tomodachi Game vol. 18
  • Tomodachi Game vol. 19
  • Tomodachi Game vol. 20

So a good number of books only because I enjoyed An Idol In Love series. The publisher of The Crowns of Croswald asked me to review this book, and I was initially nervous because I felt a lot of pressure to read it, BUT I have to say I really enjoyed the book. It had Harry Potter vibes which I was not mad about because I LOVE the Harry Potter Series. I love the magical world-building and, of course, the magical creatures. If you love magical middle-grade books and Harry Potter, I suggest reading The Crowns of Croswald! Thank you again for recommending this book to me. I enjoyed it and will soon pick up the other books in the series.


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