Blogtober 2022: Day 11

Halloween Cookies and The Addams Family

Today, is all about the snuggles. I feel like there is always one day during the Holidays that is all about cookies and movies. The only problem is I was feeling lazy and decided to go to the store and buy the pillsbury halloween shaped cookies. So I bought three of them: Vampires/Frankenstein, Ghosts and Pumpkins. Honestly, I didn’t know which one I wanted so I bought them all. When I got back home it was time for my skeleton sweats and hocus pocus sweater and I made the most me move of my life and instead of just making a handful of cookies I made all 72 of them. I mean you can never have too many cookies. Once all of the cookies were done and plated, I grabbed my favorite blanket, a cup of tea and of course my little furry pup. We sat on the couch and enjoyed The Addams Family while we ate cookies.


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