Blogtober 2022: Day 26

Barkuterie Board!

As you know by now, I LOVE including the pups in EVERYTHING I do. This year, I saw someone make a charcuterie board for their furry friends and decided that was a PERFECT boo bag stuffer. So, I went to the store, purchased the smallest wood cutting board I could find, and started making some spooky Halloween-themed treats. Firstly, my two main treats are a pumpkin and peanut butter bone with the word BOO! in Peanut Butter. The second is an apple crunch cupcake with a drizzle of peanut butter in the shape of a skull. The fillers of the Barkuterie Board are mini pumpkins that are turkey and pumpkin flavored and some pumpkin and cheese cookies shaped like bats. I placed the cookies on the board and wrapped them tightly in Saran Wrap so that I could put them in their boo bags!


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