Blogtober 2022: Day 31

Happy Halloween Everyone!

I can’t believe it has been 31 days, and another year on Blogtober has ended. I hope you had as much fun as I did this spooky season, and I can’t wait for next year’s Blogtober to begin! Stay safe if you are heading out to trick or treat or if you are going out partying. I hope you get A LOT of candy if you are a trick-or-treater, and if you are going out partying, make sure not to drink and drive. Stay safe and have fun.

My October reading challenge was 31 books in 31 days. I love seeing how many books I can read each year, and the total is different each year. This year I read…60. I started strong and slowed it down A LOT towards the end of the month. Thankfully, the books I chose to read this month were pretty exciting, and I didn’t DNF any. Overall I am happy with the number of books I read and also shocked.


  • 4:50 From Paddington
  • Silver Under Nightfall


  • Vampeerz vol. 1
  • Creepy Cat vol. 1
  • Creepy Cat vol. 2
  • Creepy Cat vol. 3
  • Dragon Head vol. 1

Until next time, stay spooky and Happy Halloween!


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