Cozyathon 2022: Day 23

Puppy Foodie Menu

Every year I make sure to prep a special Foodie Day menu for the furry friends BECAUSE not only are they family BUT they mean a lot to me and I want them to I am very thankful for them. So this years menu is:

  • White meat turkey (unseasoned)
  • Mashed sweet postatoes (unseasoned)
  • Arepas (cheese filled and unseasoned)
  • Pumpkin Pie (pumpkin puree, no sugar added)

Of course we had to make a special plate for all our pupper cousins as well. So Buster and Gelato each got a special Foodie Day plate. Belle eats her plate in small portions so she doesn’t get an upset tummy but still gets to enjoy foods she doesn’t normally eat.

Do you do anything for your furry friends?


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