Cozyathon 2022: Day 27

Decorate with me!

Last year I decorated the porch as a Winter Wonderland. So white lights, a forest of trees, snow, fire wood, and of course woodsy creatures in a ton of lights. It was definitely one of my favorite themes. This year however I am all about colors. The theme this year is World of Color. The inspiration is from the Disney nighttime show World of Color. I purchased these gorgeous icicle lights that change color, and a rainbow of 3ft trees (some of them were DIY). The lights are hanging and the trees are up and have the same color lights so you can see them in the dark. I also purchased mini trees in white and sprayed painted them different colors and placed them on the rail. They are different sizes so they remind me of the water that shoots up in the air.

Inside the house, is not as colorful and I have placed “snow” everywhere with random trees and branchy trees. I switched out the pups blanket so they have their Christmas one out and they have their little tree up PLUS they have their Christmas water bowl out as well. Do you have a theme this year?


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