Cozyathon 2022: Day 26

Mindset and Daebak Show

I am 100% obsessed with Mindset and Daebak Show (and Eric Nam). I find them very comforting and cozy lately and I have been leaning to both of them A LOT this month.

Mindset: (Apple, Android)

  • Mindset is a wellness app dedicated to delivering exclusive, intimate audio collections of personal stories and life lessons from your favorite stars. Each artists collection is full of honest and revealing autobiographical stories that cover experiences we share as humans

I have been listening to the mindset app for a while now and it just growing and getting better in my opinion. I love that it sends me reminders to be gentle with yourself. I love the stories and how deep the artist get on this app. They talk about their struggles, success and how they have overcome obstacles. It gives me hope and a different perspective on my problems and life itself.

Daebak Show: (Youtube, Spotify, Apple Podcast)

  • Daebak is a Korean word and phrase to describe something spectacular. The “Daebak Show” hosted by Eric Nam a K-Pop artist and celebrity personality. Here they celebrate music and media’s greatest hits, the people behind them, and get a glimpse into the industry. A new show happens every Monday!

You can find Daebak on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Youtube. I personally, love watching the show on YouTube but when I can’t I listen to them on Apple Music. This show is really funny and majority of the guests call out Eric for being “old” it’s quite entertaining and I suggest checking it out if you need some lighthearted and fun content.

Eric also has his own YouTube Channel where he posts a lot of content but if you are looking for some fun foodie content he has Nam Noms. What are shows and podcasts you find super comforting?


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