Blogmas 2022: Day 4

Bestie Christmas Package!

This year my bestie is stationed in Germany. It is her first Christmas away from family and friends, and she is a bit home sick so I decided that she needed a bit of a special Christmas package sent to her. I bought a few of her favorite things, some things to help her feel like she is at home, and of course FOOD! The package is quite big because I wanted to feel it with A LOT of things for her.We have sports related items (posters and gear) corgis (keychain, plush, stickers, pictures), blue things (Blanket, beauty blender, hair ties, hairband, socks), and all of her favorite snacks and candies with some boba kits because she has been without boba for two months. It’s ridiculous. I put in some games because she has game nights with others who are stationed with her.

Since I am her bestie, I made sure to put some obnoxious confetti in her package so when she opens it, it will be like me giving her a big hug. I know she will hate it at first BUT when she finds pieces of confetti around her apartment randomly she will instantly think of me and feel better. Well that is the plan at least. I know it’s hard being away for the holidays so I want to try and make this as heartfelt as possible for her.


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