Blogmas 2022: Day 5

Winter Essentials!

It has been FREEING in the bay and I have noticed I have been carrying around certain things that make my life slightly easier in the winter and warmer. I have a small bag that I keep my necessities in for easy access.


  • Lip mask
  • Lotion
  • Gloves
  • Hand warmers


  • Nose balm
  • Pad balm
  • Thermal
  • Handwarmers

I usually always have chapstick on me but when it gets super cold I like to have a mask because I feel like it works a lot better for me personally. Belle of course cannot be left out either, which is why she has her little section in the bag to keep her nose and paw pads nice moisturized. I have a rechargeable hand warmer but for Bell I use the throw away because they are a lot lighter. During these times she usually has a jacket on and it has a pocket and I slide it in so when we go for our walks I know she stays warm. It might be slightly ridiculous BUT she is my little one and I love her and want to make sure she is warm on out walks.

What are some essentials do you keep on you during winter?


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