Blogmas 2022: Day 7

It is time for the first book update for December! I can’t believe we are already seven days into the month and I am excited for all the books to read this month. Here is what I read so far:


  • By the Book
  • Only One Bed
  • Brutal Prince


  • Demon in the Wood
  • Sorry for my Familiar vol. 1

I have LOVED all of the books that I have read so far. I did decide to start a pretty BIG series which is Brutal Birthright by Sophie Lark. There are 6 books in this series. I am also planning on reading Kingmakers (5 books) and Underworld (8 books). I believe there are easter eggs from the books or they connected in some way I am not 100% sure BUT I am excited to find out because I absolutely LOVED Brutal Prince.


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