Blogmas 2022: Day 12

Army Bags

I LOVE my Army friends, they are seriously the BEST. We talk everyday and hang out almost every weekend. This is our first Christmas we are celebrating together so I thought it was only fitting to make an Army Bag for them.

Here is what I purchased:

  • Army bomb keychains
  • Plushies
    • RJ
    • Koya
    • Mang
    • Shooky
    • Chimmy
    • Tata
    • Cookie
  • Stickers
  • BT21 Socks
  • Snacks
    • Pocky
    • Honey Twists
    • Banana Kicks
    • My Gummy
    • Buldak Ramen
  • Pins
  • Drinks
    • Banana Milk
    • BTS Coffee
    • Kombucha Powder
    • Cherry Coke
    • Sprite
  • Photocards
  • BT21 keychains
    • RJ
    • Koya
    • Mang
    • Shooky
    • Chimmy
    • Tata
    • Cookie
  • Tiny Tam keychains

The items will be in a purple bag, wrapped in purple tissue paper, and filled with the goodies above and some purple and black shredded paper. I know I don’t have to get them anything but it also just my way of showing them appreciation and love I have for them. One of our favorite things to do, is meet up when a new song/album is being released and listen to it together. I am so appreciative for them and glad I have them in my life.


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