Blogmas 2022: Day 20

Puppy Santa Sacks!

Yes, just like the family the pups are part of the family so they will be receiving a Puppy Santa Sack. We have cousins, and puppy friends so we are making about ten puppy Santa Sacks. Here is what we are filling them up with.

Puppy Santa Sacks:

  • Treats
    • Gingerbread
    • Christmas Tree
    • Candy Cane
    • Their favorite treat
  • Toys
    • Candy Cane
    • Christmas Tree
    • Reindeer
    • Tennis Balls
    • Rope Toys
  • Necessities
    • Poop Bags
    • Dog Wipes
    • Blanket

I love giving them some things that they need and others that they can just enjoy. They make all our lives so much more exciting and happy that it is the least we can do.


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