Blogmas 2022: Day 21

Book Update #3

AHHH! I am on a roll with Sophia Lark’s books! They are so goo and I am flying through them which on one hand I LOVE and on the other I am so sad about because I never want them to end.


  • The Heir(Kingmakers #1)
  • The Rebel (Kingmakers #2)
  • The Bully (Kingmakers #3)
  • The Spy (Kingmakers #4)
  • The Savage (Kingmakers #5)
  • A Merry Litte Meet Cute
  • A Princess For Christmas
  • You’re A Mean One Matthew Prince
  • The Visitor


Okay, I think I am going to take a slight break from the mafia romances before starting the her series Underworld. I will read some Christmas

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