Blogmas 2022: Day 27

Snow Day

I am not a snow person, BUT my cousins are, so we went to the snow. I remember going to the snow when I was younger and learning how to snowboard, and I got a concussion. The next time I went, I tried skiing, got a concussion, and so on. The snow, I have a great ritual; anytime I visit, I usually get a concussion and, now and again, just injured. Snowboarding is still so much fun, but I decided to stay in the cabin and chill because I didn’t feel like getting a concussion or being injured. I am drinking hot chocolate, playing the switch, watching movies, and reading by the fireplace because, HELLO, it’s an actual fireplace, and I LOVE reading by the fire. Belle and I are warm and hopefully safe from injury inside the cabin next to the fireplace.

Do you snowboard or ski? Or do you just hang out and drink a warm drink by the fire? Let me know in the comments.


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