Love Yourself 2023: Day 4

BTS Yet To Come!

Sometimes you just have to spend some money to have a good time. My friends and I love BTS and when we found out Yet To Come was coming to theaters we had to make a BTS day. We watched runBTS in the morning, grabbed some delicious food, put on our best BTS gear before heading to watch the boys on the big screen.

The movie starts at 5 pm, and I am ready to hang out with our Bay Area Armies, but before that, here is what we did. We hung out at one house and put on run BTS episodes, and of course, we were blasting BTS music while we danced in our In the Soop: Friendcation plaid pajamas. It was A LOT of fun, but a late lunch was next up on the list.

We decided to go to the food court in the mall. They have some great options in there and something for everyone. However, we ate our food and sat nearby in the park. As we ate, we put on our favorite songs from BTS and enjoyed the outside world.

Before leaving the park, however, we got our freebees ready to hand out and, of course, our lightsticks in hand. Yes, we did bring our lightsticks because it was encouraged.

Purple You Bags:

  • Photocards
  • Banana Milk
  • Snacks
  • BTS Stickers
  • BT21 Stickers
  • Purple Heart Confetti
  • Candy
  • Other BTS/BT21 Merch

I know for a fact that we are going to have a BLAST and I can’t wait to sing along with other Army’s.

No quote for this post because I feel like Yet To Come says it all. Remember 보라해.


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