Love Yourself 2023: Day 6


I have a huge obsession with dramas. They are funny, sad, ridiculous and bring me so much joy! So, I put together a decently long list of all the Dramas that bring happiness.

Love the Way You Are

The drama tells the sweet love story of Yin Yike, who seems to have a perfect life, and her childhood partner Xu Guangxi. Yi Yike, who seems to have a perfect life, lives a 35-year-old life as a matter of course. Whether in the company or at home, she is thoughtful all around. Like a never-tired Wonder Woman, she takes care of everyone around her except herself. Until she met in a corner of a convenience store, the boy, Xu Guangxi who used to often went to her place to have meals when she was a girl. Xu Guangxi returns from his studies abroad, but this boy who used to just feel a sense of dependence on Yike, his feelings have budded into butterflies fluttering in his stomach. But chasing Yike is nothing short of a difficult feat. It entails a fast-moving life and ultra-realistic pressure. But for love, Guangxi becomes more mature and and adjusts his footsteps, taking firm steps towards Yike. The two throbbing hearts who have experienced countless challenges and choices are getting closer little by little, and they also understand that the best love is not to sacrifice each other, but to attract and respect each other, so that each other can become better people.

Even Sun

“Sun” is a debt collector and also who never successfully collects debt. He has “Tai” as his competitor, who is a new debt collector. Instead of collecting debt, Tai gets Mangkorn as an exchange for interest. Sun also gets a mission from his father to collect debt from “Atid” otherwise he will be forced to be bankrupt so he asks Sun to go to Atid island. On the way to Atid island, Sun meets “Talay” and “Nai” friends and henchmen of Atid so Sun’s plan is to get close with Atid from these. Atid knows that Sun comes to collect the debt but he doesn’t care and tells Sun to go back to Bangkok. Sun pesters Atid around until Atid gets annoyed and trick Sun to an abandoned house at the end of the island. And that is the beginning of the whole chaotic story. At the end, could the sun collect the debt from Atid or the bad guy is going to turn out to be lover.


The intoxicating charm of a flirtatious art school classmate pulls a reluctant love cynic into a friends-with-benefits relationship.

To A Distance Spring Is Green

The handsome son of a wealthy family, Yeo Joon had what most people could only dream of having. A first-year economics student at a prestigious university, Yeo Joon seems to be perfectly at ease, living up to everyone’s expectations of him. But what his charming exterior portrays is far different from what he keeps hidden on the inside. Hurting beyond belief, what Yeo Joon needed more than anything is a friend. Unfortunately, finding a true friend is a lot easier said than done.

Assigned to work together on a class project, Yeo Joon inexplicably finds himself drawn to his partner, Nam Soo Hyun. A third-year student in the same program, Soo Hyun is a straight A student who has no time for spoiled little rich kids. Despite their rocky beginning, Yeo Joon and Soo Hyun eventually begin to accept each other for who they are, and very slowly, a bond of friendship begins to grow between them. Polar opposites in every way, Yeo Joon and Soo Hyun have little in common but their friendship is real, providing them each the strength they need to take on the challenges they both face in life.

But their friendship is put to the test when Kim So Bin enters the scene. Will Yeo Joo and Soo Hyun’s unlikely friendship crumble when love begins to bloom?

A Love So Beautiful

The ups and downs of school, family and growing up test the affection between a budding artist and her handsome but indifferent classmate and neighbor.

Take My Brother Away

Bickering siblings Shi Miao and Shi Fen tackle friendship matters, school drama and the pitfalls of growing up with little parental supervision.

Unforgettable Love

A love story between He Qiaoyan, CEO of He’s Group, and Qin Yiyue, a child psychologist. In the beginning, they start a contract marriage to help He Qiaoyan’s young child Poppet walk out of the PTSD from a car accident a long time ago. But later on, with the help of Poppet, the distant, indifferent CEO and the passionate, considerate child psychologist gradually fall in love with each other. He Qiaoyan likes to resort to money for all his problems. He is also a successful businessman who only believes in numbers. Qin Yiyue is a kind and optimistic child phycologist. Come and watch how a bossy CEO pursues a cute young girl with the help of an extremely adorable child. Perfect and Casual, another romantic series starring Miles Wei, is also available on iQIYI. Please stay tuned!

Love in the Air

Considered by many to be a cute guy, Rain shouldn’t have any trouble getting a girlfriend. Unfortunately, the only girl to ever truly capture his heart has her heart set on Phayu. With his devastating good looks and his bad-boy biker persona, it’s no wonder Phayu is the one senior at school every girl dreams of dating; which means Rain doesn’t stand a chance with his dream girl.

When fate brings Phayu into Rain’s life in an almost cruel and unexpected way, Rain decides it’s time to put Phayu in his place. Hoping to ruin Phayu’s reputation among the girls at school, Rain decides to make Phayu fall madly in love with him. While supporting Rain in his attempt at revenge, his best friend Sky, struggles with his own set of problems. Having been in a toxic relationship, Sky has no desire to find love ever again. But when he crosses paths with Prapai, he seems unable to escape the fate that seems to inexplicably bind them.

Overwhelmed by the rush of feelings that wash over them, every time Phayu and Prapai are around, Rain and Sky do their best to make sense of it all. But are either of them willing to accept what those feelings might mean?

My Dear Friend

The drama navigates through the story of two best friends who love each other unconditionally. However, they slowly realize that their feelings are more than just friendship. 

The drama shows the best friend’s in a great relationship and how they work through it to break up eventually. However, would they end their year-long friendship over it? Do they miss each other as friends or as a lover?

These are the shows are only some of my favorite. I will say that To A Distance Spring is Green and Love in the Air have some TW so I would search them up before watching. In the end however it is a great outcome and although my emotions run wild they are really good shows and I highly suggest.

“When you look at the world with beauty in your heart, from wherever your eyes lie, you’ll find beauty”

-Wendy (Red Velvet)


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