Love Yourself 2023: Day 23

Online Concerts!

This is one of my BIGGEST guilty pleasures and I absolutely enjoy. Online concerts are 100% my downfall. I am home with my friends in our pajamas dancing cheering and of course snacking on amazing snacks! The best part is, we don’t have to wait for the bathroom! It’s fantastic. I have been stressed out lately and I decided to purchase two concerts…

  • TXT ‘ACT: Sweet Mirage (2 Day pass)
  • 2023 SVT 7th Fan Meeting HD (ALL DAY PASS)

I am so ridiculous I know, but I couldn’t just pick one day because what if something come up? Plus, I really love both these groups and wanted to show my support to them. Sometimes you have to just bite the bullet and do what makes you happy especially if you are going to get out of a funk.

“I don’t fit today’s beauty standards, I’ll become a become a new, different standard”



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