Obsessed: Music


Today is the day that Jimin’s album came out and OH MY GOODNESS!! I am 100% OBSESSED. My friends and I have been listening to his album on repeat since it was released. Now we thought we were going to have our favorite songs BUT we can’t pick.

Track List:

  • Face-Off
  • Interlude: Dive
  • Like Crazy
  • Alone
  • Set Me Free Pt. 2
  • Like Crazy (English Version)

Of course being the obsessed person that I am, I purchased it on iTunes, a digital code on Weverse, and I have it downloaded on Spotify. There is talk about a hidden track and I am so curious about what it is going to sound like. I am truly excited to see the photos in the Weverse package. I know they are all going to be stunning. Have you listened to FACE? Do you have a favorite song?


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