30 in 30 Manga Challenge 2023: Update #4

This is the second to last update for the 30 in 30 Manga Challenge!

April went by so fast and I will have a FINAL update which will be on the 30th of the month. I will go over all of the manga and books I read in this month.

  1. Fish Upon the Sky vol. 1
  2. Fish Upon the Sky vol. 2
  3. Yakuza Lover vol. 1
  4. Yakuza Lover vol. 2
  5. Yakuza Lover vol. 3
  6. Yakuza Lover vol. 4
  7. Yakuza Lover vol. 5
  8. Yakuza Lover vol. 6
  9. Yakuza Lover vol. 7

So many excellent reads. So, I have watched Yakuza Lover’s live-action show on Disney+, BUT WOW!!! I was not prepared for the manga. I still enjoyed it immensely and will be rewatching and rereading the series. Readers, beware of A Future with You is very explicit, so I recommend 18+.

We only have one more update before the month ends, and I am proud of myself for not going completely crazy. The next update will be with the monthly update, but I will separate the post if you are interested in the 30 in 30 Manga Challenge Update and not the other books I have read this month.


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