Jackson Wang April 2023: Concert Review


The concert was STUNNING! Okay, so let’s talk about it. My friends and I started off the day by getting off of work and met up for dinner. We ate at an amazing spot in San Francisco before going to my friends house and getting ready for the concert. Once we were all dressed and ready to go we made our way over to Bill Graham.

We met a ton of Jacky’s and they were all so wonderful and we had a blast talking with them while we waited for the concert to start. We also handed out all of the freebies we prepped for the concert. Our seats were a good distance away BUT we had no one in front of us so we had a perfectly clear view of the stage. WOW! Jackson knows how to put on a show. He is crazy but in the BEST possible way. I really enjoyed the set list and his performance to them. Jackson has a ridiculous stage presence that just grabs your attention and pull you in so watching him live was an experience I will never forget and hope to experience again.

Thank you so much for the fantastic time Jackson! I hope you come back to SF soon!


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