eReader Book Tag

I love watching book tags but when I discovered there was an eReader book tag, you know I had to take part in it.

Micah Cummings created the tag, but I discovered it by The Bookish Knitter on youtube. I have been watching a lot of videos because I enjoy hearing what others think about their eReaders and how they customize their kindles and just their thoughts.


  1. What was the first eReader you have ever owned? What was your reason for getting one? Were you a reluctant convert,, or an eager one?
  2. What eReader do you use now/what eReaders do you own?
  3. Do you read digitally on multiple devices, or always on the same device? If you use multiple, how do you decide which one to use?
  4. Do you still read physical books? If so, how do you decide which format to read a certain book in?
  5. What is something you dislike about reading ebooks?
  6. Would you ever ditch physical books completely and become a sole ebook reader? If yes, why? if no, why not?
  7. Where do you get your ebooks? Kindle store, library loans, third-party websites?
  8. Tag some fellow BookTubers!


  1. The first eReader I have ever owned was an iPad. My mom bought me one as a gift and I decided to use it to read on. I was eager to convert to an eReader, because I went through books pretty fast and before I knew how to drive I had to wait until my mom was available to take me to the bookstore.
  2. iPad Mini 6
  3. I used to switch from my phone to my iPad Pro BUT I now I only use my iPad Mini. It is a lot easier to carry around when I travel because of how small and light it is.
  4. I do not. I have all my book digitally. I recently donated all of my physical copy books except for Twisted Wonderland and 07-Ghost. There are no digital copies of them yet.
  5. The one thing that I don’t like about reading ebooks the books that I sometimes would like to read are not available in digital copy and I have to wait a while before it is released and by that time I forget about the book.
  6. I would 100% ditch the physical books because and become a sole ebook reader because I pretty much have already. I find it much easier to read when I have a digital copy because I don’t have to wait for the next book in the series or carry around multiple books at a time. Everything is conveniently in the palm of my hands.
  7. I purchase my books in three different places, iTunes, Kindle, and Barnes & Noble.
  8. I tag whoever would like to do this tag! 🙂

Lately, I have been finding a lot more people with eReaders which to me is very exciting because I am an eReader. But no matter how you read physical or digitally we are all readers and I absolutely LOVE the reading community.


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