AgustD Freebies/Outfit

Calling all my BTS and AgustD lovers who are going to Oakland Arena Day 1!

My friends and I are planning on handing out A LOT of freebies. All of these were hand made by us and of course other Army from around the world. Now we are doing this because we love making new friends and of course spreading kindness.

  • Photo Cards: OT7
  • Photo Cards: AgustD
  • Phone Charms: OT7
  • Phone Charms: AgustD/Sgua
  • Poloroid Film Strips: Suga
  • Stickers: OT7
  • Stickers: AgustD/Shooky
  • Stickers: Love Yourself
  • Stickers: Yoongies
  • Stickers: AgustD Tour 2023
  • Stickers: Zero O’clock
  • AgustD Bookmarks
  • Pins: Whalien 52 (purple, purple PTD and orange PTD)
  • Pins: Army Lightsticks
  • Borahae Cards
  • Buttons: You Never Walk Alone
  • Shrinky Dinks: BT21 Characters
  • Kopiko Candy

So look for me, I am excited to hand all of these out. I will be in green pants and a light brown knitted shirt with a bunch of purple bags to hand out! I hope you enjoy them if you do stop by and say hi 🙂


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