Concert Bag: AgustD 2023

I am always curious on what people bring in their concert bags. I try my best to pack as least as possible BUT this time is a little different.

  • Bag – It’s small, clear and fits the size requirements of the stadium.
  • Army Bomb – Because you have to have the lightstick at a k-pop concert.
    • extra batteries because you never know!
  • Hand Sanitizer – it’s clipped on the side of the bag
  • Chapstick
  • Portable Charger – Just incase my phone needs to be charged
  • ID and Card – just incase they don’t have apple pay
  • Mask – Just incase
  • Bandaids, Tylenol, Pads/Tampons – you never know
  • Freebies! – I made a lot of freebies to hand out at the concert

Aside from all of the freebies, I tried not to pack a lot because I wanted to pack as little as possible so I wouldn’t lose anything while at the concert. I also like to be somewhat prepared so even though I may not need some of the things I like to have them just incase someone else might.


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