AgustD Concert Review


This is honestly the BEST CONCERT that I have ever been too. Mr. AgustD knows how to put a performance on and this will forever be the GREATEST concert EVER. The set list, the storytelling, the interaction, the seating, the people all made the experience much more spectacular than I could have ever imagined. I feel like I am going to be on this high for the rest of the month if not year.

I have no words just a lot of giddy emotions and a GIANT smile plastered to my face and I would have honestly felt as if it were a dream if I didn’t have video and photo proof that I was actually there. My friends and I were in a daze of excitement especially when they were in the suite. YES!!! I know, we got spoiled and splurged on a suite for Day-1. It was honestly the BEST experience that I could have asked for. We had food, a bathroom, parking spots, with good company and of course and ridiculously AMAZING performer who blew the roof off of the arena.

D-Day is one of my FAVORITE albums from him and each song is so stunning on the album BUT OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! Hearing them live brought it to a completely different level and meaning to the songs. I didn’t think it was possible but I have a deeper love for all of his songs.

We met so many new friends and I loved the fact that we were all able to get everything that we wanted merchandise wise. We also purchased three army bombs because some of us forgot ours and that was okay. The best thing was we waited an entire ten minutes for merchandise and we passed out so many freebies in the line. I am so jealous of my friends who are attending tonights concert but they are going to send a lot of videos and pictures!!!


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