New Summer Pup Bag!!

The pup and I will be traveling a bit this summer and it was time for a new bag!

I decided to invest in a Sling Carrier. It is mesh which is great because, we are going to SoCal so we will be in heat. This bag I think works really well, I used it a couple of times to test it out before the actual trips. I also got it not only because it is more breathable for her, but I can attach a fan for her to help cool her down as well and it is really light for me to carry.


Of course we have to keep the pup cool while we are in the sun and of course if the sidewalk gets too hot I have a nice breathable bag for her to relax in.

Sunscreen Products:

I do have socks for her just incase too, but she will not be on the ground if it is hot at all because I rather not have her get hurt. Although, I am very much prepared for any “burns” that might occur to her paws.

Of course because I am an over thinker I love to make sure I have a few extra things up my sleeve just incase.

If she starts feeling too hot I can easily cool her down with an ice pack wrapped in a small towel. I also like to wet a towel and put it in the fridge so it is cold for her and I can keep it in her bag. Plus, I always have a first aid on hand because you never know. My girl is a cold weather pup and I want to make sure she is well prepared for the summer heat.


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