14 Days of Love 2019: Day 10

Something Warm

In San Francisco it tends to be cold, foggy and gloomy. So one thing I love to do is make a nice cup of hot tea, grab a blanket and the pups and sit out on the porch looking over the city. This is so simple and relaxing to me but also reminds me that even though the world may be crazy and chaotic that mine doesn’t have to be.


14 Days of Love 2019: Day 9


Personally after a really long day of work, school or even just a really stressful day I like to take a nice hot shower. The hot water feels amazing when it hits, it instantly relaxes me.


14 Days of Love 2019: Day 8


One of my favorite things to spoil myself is baking something sweet. Probably because I have a major sweet tooth and when it comes to frosting I like to add extra. This is usually when my day is a little bit chaotic and I need to get my mind off of the activities of that day.


14 Days of Love 2019: Day 7


Clean your room, house, apartment. Once your space is clean it takes a lot off of your shoulders and it makes your day a lot less stressful coming home to a clean de-clutter house.


14 Days of Love 2019: Day 6


Its great to give yourself a break from social media. What I like to do is especially if I am going out for a walk with the pups I like to leave my phone behind or if I take with me I turn it off and have my entire focus on the walk and the pups.


14 Days of Love 2019: Day 5

Play with a pet

Playing with a pet is not only good for you but good for them as well.Studies show that just owning a pet can decrease depression, stress, and anxiety. Playing with them takes all your attention off of anything negative and brings you positive vibes.


14 Days of Love 2019: Day 4


Finding a great book to read can help take you away from the reality of life and let your mind wander into a new and exciting moment that gets your mind off of any negativity.


14 Days of Love 2019: Day 3


I love bullet journaling. It takes my mind off of the stress in life and allows my creative side to run free while being organized and writing out what I am feeling that day. I love taking the time to draw some doodles and writing down something positive that happened that day.


14 Days of Love 2019: Day 2


Allow oneself to enjoy the pleasure of.

I like to allow myself to indulge in a movie and snacks. I pick out one of my favorite movies, surrounding myself with a big bowl of popcorn, cand and a cup of tea! I will sit on the couch surrounded by my favorite snacks, a blanket, and my puppies and let myself really enjoy that moment without worrying how bad I am eating, I let myself enjoy it because its only once in a while.


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