Blogtober 2019: Day 26

Halloween Horror Nights

Halloween Horror Nights were terrific! Although my cousins and I weren’t able to get to all of the houses, we got three out of 7 of them done, which was ok, because none of us wanted to wait in their lines. The houses that we got to go into were: Holidayz in Hell, The Walking Dead, and House of a thousand Corpses.

My older cousin and I enjoyed House of 1000 Corpses, and our little cousin enjoyed The Walking Dead. We did have to give props to one of the scare characters in a House of 1000 Corpses because he got us, we all thought that he was animatronic. I would say our favorite scare zone was also our least favorite scare zone, which was the Toxic Tunnel. They had a lot of great scare actors, but we hated the flashing lights. That honestly, I think it was just us being super tired from being up since 5 am.

One of the things we also enjoyed was the Wizarding World of Harry Potter was open during the Halloween festivities. So instead of waiting the 130 minutes for the Forbidden Journey, we were able to walk right on. It was the greatest because we were able to take our time and take pictures.

So we all decided to watch the Jabbawackeez and The Dark Arts, which both times we were able to walk right up and got amazing seats for both. It was a lot of fun, both great shows. We were also able to walk right into Olivanders, and that was a great experience because there were only seven people in the room.

Overall our experience was spooktacular, and we have decided to make it a tradition and hope we can save enough next time to get the express pass because we would like to see all the houses.


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