Blogtober 2019: Day 27

Fright Fest 2019

After Halloween Horror Nights, my cousin’s, my friend and I decided to go to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom’s Fright Fest. We arrived later in the day because we were exhausted from flying in. We got all the rides done (except Batman) within two hours because we walked right on all the roller coasters. There was no wait what so ever. So as we waited for the scare actors to come out, we ate and walked around and watched how things got a bit spookier.

My friend was terrified running around, so it was a lot of fun to see her chased by all the scare actors. Honestly, I think they had a blast at the fact of how scared she was of them. Discovery Kingdom was one of the parks I used to go every weekend, and I remember it being so much bigger. None the less we had a lot of fun, and would probably go back again and not pay $40 for the Haunted Houses but go again for the scare zones, the food, and the rides.


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