Blogmas 2019: Day 3

Puppy Winter Coats

It is wintertime, which means it is time to bring out those winter jackets for the pups. It was hard for me to find coats that fit them, but it was possible. On their raincoats, I did make a small adjustment, but they all fit perfectly and keep my littles warm.

Adidog Sweatshirt: $3 Wish

  • Pink
  • Hot Pink
  • Blue
  • Light Blue
  • Red
  • Grey
  • Black

Parkway Raincoat: $25 Fabdog

  • Navy
  • Blue
  • Light Pink
  • Hot Pink
  • Green
  • Red

Reversible Puffer: $48 Fabdog

  • Black/Aqua
  • Red/Black
  • Black/Purple
  • Light Pink/Hot Pink

Fabsport Zip-Up: $42 Fabdog

  • Pink
  • Grey

I usually layer up as it starts to get cold. I’ll either do Adidog and the raincoat, adidog, and the puffer, or puffer and raincoat. I haven’t found a way I like to layer up the Fabsport because they are new to our collection. I would highly recommend these because they are well made and we have had them for years, and they are still in excellent condition.


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