Obsessed: Touchland

I am OBSESSED with Touchland hand sanitizer.

Touchland pulled me in when they collaborated with Disney and had the box set of hand sanitizers. I thought they were gorgeous, and I loved the scents. I went on to buy my family and me some. Okay, I bought all the different scents with different family members involved. For my grandma, I bought her Lavender, my mom: watermelon, and for myself vanilla. They smelt delicious, and since all three of us have very sensitive skin, I was a little worried about these giving us a rash, BUT they did not. So, I purchased more in our favorite scents. Since my mom and I are more active and need more access to our sanitizer, I bought us the lanyard and the case. I purchased the purple case and lanyard for her and myself, I bought the black case and lanyard, and I love that it’s now super accessible.

What is your favorite hand sanitizer?


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