Haikyu! Book Challenge

Flyalong Haikyu!! Readalong

I have recently discovered Shaegeeksout on YouTube, and she announced that she is going to read one Haikyu!! Volume a week through the year 2022. They did start on January 1 and will go until they finish. There are 40 volumes in the series, which is doable. Shae has a discord talking more about the readathon if anyone wants to check it out. I left a link to her Youtube Page but for the specific video where she talks about the Flyalong Haikyu!! Readathon, you can find it here. It also links her discord in the description if you want to follow along. I LOVE Shae’s channel. I think she is fantastic and is worth checking out her YouTube channel and subscribing. 

I am starting this late, BUT I have already read ten volumes, so I am not behind. Even though depending on if I have time, I will try and re-read BUT I don’t think it will happen. Are you participating in any readathons?


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