D23 March Hare Mania 2022: Update #1

Oh my goodness!

This March Hare Mania is a tough one. I loved majority of the characters that was put against each other. Here are the characters that made it:

WDW/Duffy and Friends:

  • Orange Bird vs Chuuby
  • Duffy vs StellaLou

Disneyland/International Parks:

  • Hatbox Ghost vs Redd
  • Chandu vs Melanie Ravenswood

This was harder for me on the WDW/Duffy and Friends side. I chose Chuuby over Orange Bird which was a tough decision because I love them both. As for Duffy vs StellaLou it was a heartbreaker too but I chose the OG, Duffy. As for Hatty vs Redd I chose Hatbox Ghost and Chandu vs Ravenswood I picked Chandu because it’s Chandu! Did your characters make the cut?


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