Obsessed: Dramas March 2022

I have absolutely binged all of these Dramas and I am not mad about it. I will have to say I had a hard time narrowing down my I have currently watched a lot BUT these one’s I truly fell in love with.

1. Blade Man

Hong Bin has a harsh and twisted personality under the influence of his oppressive father and memories of his failed first love. Not only that, but those wounds have damaged his psyche so that in a state of extreme anger and agitation, sharp spikes like blades come out of his whole body. Hong Bin, unable to forget his first love, Tae Hee, while tracking her down, ends up meeting Se Dong. Hong Bin feels drawn to Se Dong, who is confident and upbeat even in front of his harsh self.

2. Let Me Be Your Knight

Leader and producer of the globally popular idol band, Luna, Yoon Tae In is considered by many to be the world’s greatest idol. A true musical genius, Tae In’s music has gained him an unprecedented global following, but his worldwide fame comes at a price. With the failure of the band’s most recent album, Tae In has begun to show signs of somnambulism, or sleepwalking. With stress mounting, Tae In’s sleepwalking problem is only getting worse, leaving him to wonder how he’s ever going to get this new problem under control. 

Working as a tour guide, In Yoon Joo really only has one goal in life: to someday own the house of her dreams. Though her current job isn’t doing much to help her achieve that dream, she finds herself in an unexpectedly promising position, after a chance encounter with the world’s most popular idol, entangles both of their fates. Taking advantage of the situation, Yoon Joo somehow manages to scam her way into Luna’s residence; where she is quickly asked to cure Tae In’s condition. Though not at all qualified as a doctor, Yoon Joo agrees to pose as Tae In’s “doctor”; but living with a man who believes he’s the center of the universe isn’t easy.

Despite their rocky start, Yoon Joo does her best to help Tae In; but no matter how hard she tries, nothing she does seems to be good enough. Will she be able to help this self-centered idol overcome his own obstacles or will she end up becoming the biggest obstacle of all?

3. The Bride of Habaek

What would you do if you had to continue a strange family legacy?

Yoon So Ah is a pragmatic neuropsychiatrist who carries a tremendous financial burden to run her own practice. Her family has been tasked with serving Ha Baek, a reincarnated water god, for many generations, and So Ah is forced to do the same. Ha Baek starts to develop feelings for So Ah, but he has competition for her heart from Hoo Ye, the CEO of a resort company, who clashes with So Ah over a piece of land but then falls in love with her.

Moo Ra is a goddess from the Water Kingdom who has been living on Earth for hundreds of years. Working as an actress, Moo Ra loves Ha Baek and doesn’t appreciate So Ah stealing him away from her. Meanwhile, Bi Ryum is a wind god who has always had a one-sided crush on Moo Ra despite knowing her feelings for Ha Baek.

Can a relationship between a mortal female and a god have a future?

4. Doom At Your Service

Tak Dong Kyung is a person who is down on her luck. She lost her parents a few years ago in an accident and lives most days consumed by her job as a webcomic editor. Misfortune is never far from her — she soon finds out that her boyfriend is an adulterer, next learns she’s suffering from a terminal brain tumor. One night, she decides that she’s had enough. Determined to put an end to her misery, she drunkenly shouts to the heavens and wishes for the world to be doomed.

Her call for help summons Myeol Mang, a mysterious entity who acts as an intermediary between the gods and humans. Destruction comes charging through her front door in the form of this character whose name means “Doom”. He offers to make her wish come true if she is willing to pay the ultimate price. Dong Kyung agrees. According to the terms of their contract, she has 100 days to live her life to the fullest before the grim reaper comes to take her soul.

However, things are never as simple as they seem. Myeol Mang slowly finds himself growing fonder of this perplexing human woman and the boundaries between the mortal and immortal realms become increasingly unclear.

5. TharnType/TharnType 2: Trigger Warning

A victim of childhood molestation, Type Thiwat has some very intense feelings when it comes to other men. Having turned his hatred for his molester into a generalized hatred of all members of the LGBTQIA+ community, Type has few problems making friends with other men; he simply cannot stand anyone who identifies as gay.

Now a college freshman, Type is ready to fully embrace this new chapter of his life. An avid football fan, a lover of spicy foods, and an all-around friendly guy, Type has never had a problem making friends and is certain his college experience is going to be a great one. But when his new roommate, Tharn Kirigun, saunters into his life, all of Type’s dreams of a great college experience are dashed to pieces. Openly gay, Tharn is everything Type has come to loathe over the years. Determined to force Tharn out of the dorm, Type does everything in his power to do so, but to no avail.

Refusing to yield to Type’s open hostility, Tharn stands his ground. With no other option than to accept their fate, Type and Tharn settle into their shared space. Will spending more time together ease the tension between them or will it only serve to make matters worse?

I absolutely LOVE these dramas. They kept my attention and I binged all of them in one day. I do have to say I was frustration with TharnType. I could not understand why Type was the way he was and how cruel he was and could be. I truly wanted to understand what made him the way he was and why he thought the way that he did. In the end I did semi accept his character BUT I still had some (A LOT) of issues with his character and how he treated Tharn. I will however say I fell in LOVE this Tharn and he also broke my heart because of everything that he endured. He is someone I would love to be like because of his caring, forgiving and loving personality. He was the reason I pushed on with the show and why it made it on my list.

What are shows you have been watching?


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