Blogmas 2022: Day 22

Ice Skating!

We were all together once again for Ice Skating in the City. A Christmas tradition with our family, we head to Union Square Ice Rink in San Francisco every year and skate for an hour…or, in reality, fall on our butts for an hour and laugh at each other. This year was no different. We fell so many times, and of course, it is my tradition to get hurt, and I stepped up the game this year by bleeding. Sorry if it is TMI, but it happened, and it was slightly painful, BUT I lived to tell the tale. One of the younger cousins was about to fall, and I caught her as I was pulling her back up, the other little one fell, and his skate cut my hand. Honestly, he was crying because he felt terrible, and I was happy that I was only injured. In the end, we had a lot of laughs, and I, of course bought them both some hot chocolate with extra whipped cream and of course, a cookie because they are the cutest. Plus, that’s what older cousins do, right? Fill them up with sugar and send them home to their parents.

Ice skating with the cousins we always have a magical time and we have a lot of fun memories together. Plus, I love to see how terrible we all our every year. We also get some pretty stunning photos with the Christmas tree and all of us all bundled up.


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