Blogmas 2022: Day 31

December Wrap-Up!

My oh my did the time fly. I cannot believe we are in the FINAL monthly wrap-up of 2022. I will talk about the books I have read this year before moving into my yearly goals/accomplishments/failures. So, let’s get started!


  • By the Book
  • Brutal Prince #1
  • Stolen Heir #2
  • Savage Lover #3
  • Bloody Heart #4
  • Broken Vow #5
  • Heavy Crown #6
  • The Heir #1
  • The Rebel #2
  • The Bully #3
  • The Spy #4
  • The Savage #5
  • The Visitor
  • You’re A Mean One, Matthew Prince
  • A Princess for Christmas
  • Secret Santa
  • Bad Boy Bachelor Claus
  • The Case of the Missing Marquess (Enola Holmes)
  • Only One Bed
  • Yours Truly
  • A Merry Little Meet Cute
  • The Glass Witch
  • Christmas Dinner of Souls
  • Christmas TiME (Love & K-Pop: TiME Book 1.5)
  • Fantastica


  • Crazy food Truck vol. 1
  • Demon in the Wood
  • Look Book
  • Sorry for My Familiar vol. 1
  • Ouran High School Host Club vol. 1
  • Peach Girl vol. 1
  • Run on Your New Legs, vol. 1
  • Franken Fran, vol. 1
  • Suzuki Just Wants A Quiet Life vol. 1
  • The Night Beyond the Tricornered Window, vol. 1
  • Disney Manga: Beauty and the Beast – Belles Tale
  • The Beast’s Tale (Disney Beauty and the Beast, #2)
  • His Extra Large, Ever so Lovely, vol. 1
  • His Extra Large, Ever So Lovely, vol. 2
  • The Vampire and the Virgin Rose
  • Kowloon Generic Romance vol. 1

I read 43 books this month and am not mad about it. I think I did great pacing but also got sucked in because of the Brutal Birthright series and the Kingmakers series, which I could NOT put down to save my life because I needed to know what happens next.

My year in books was 200, and I have read 275 books. The longest book I read was Crush by Tacy Wolff, with 704 pages and my shortest book was The Vampire and the Virgin Rose, with 39 pages. The most shelved book was The Midnight Library, and the least shelved was MoMo the Blood Taker vol. 2. Next year, I would like to raise my goal to 300 books and see how close I can get to achieving that goal.

I could also do better on my Bookstagram. Although I post quite a lot, I have moments where I post nothing and want to keep a steady post. If you want to know what I am reading when I am reading or what books I plan on reading, let’s be friends on Goodreads. I love seeing what everyone is reading.

What are your reading goals for 2023?


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