Happy New Year: 2023

Happy New Year!

I cannot believe that we are in the new year already. I have some goals and plans for 2023, and I wanted to share what I hope this year will look like. Let’s get started.

2022 was a bizarre year. My parents got a divorce, my grandma caught covid, and of course, there was A LOT of drama. I have also learned that when I get too stressed out, I tend to shut down and get sick to my stomach. 2022 was not only bad things; there were A LOT of positive things. I made some new friends and attended many online concerts, PLUS I could go to some in-person concerts as well. I stepped out of my comfort zone a lot in 2022 and learned to accept myself for who I am. My little one is now 10 and she is doing very well for her age. So I am excited to see what adventures we go on in 2023.

If you have followed my blog, you may have seen some changes I made in December 2022. I have condensed and added some new categories, which I am excited to start posting. My goal this year is to stay more consistent in my posts for my blog and Instagram. I have increased my reading goal by 100, so I plan to read 300 books this year. It is a terrifying goal, but I won’t know if it’s achievable unless I try. This means I will be looking for more readathons to participate in to keep me on track.

I have some goals for 2023, and I hope to achieve them and continue to grow and stay on a positive path as the year goes on. What are some of your goals for this year?


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