Decorate with Me: Easter 2023

YES! I love decorating for Easter because of the Tokyo Disneyland Parade Usatama on the Run!

This is one of my all time FAVORITE Disney Parade’s because it is the cutest and has the best song EVER! IT is so much fun and all the characters are in bright colors and have bunny ears and I can’t even tell you how much I LOVE this parade. I have the jacket from the parade and A LOT of Usatama’s of all different sizes.

What is an Usatama?

Usatama comes from two Japanese Usagi (rabbit) and Tama (egg). When you put them together you get an eggy-bunny.

Usatama was born from a mysterious machine called Easter Eggs Factory that sent from Toontown. This weird looking character is mischievous, and started to do many pranks in Tokyo Disneyland. However,  Mickey and his friends stood up to stop Usatama, and they became the Usatama Chasers.

So I decided to decorate my porch with green grass, baskets, butterfly nets and of course A TON of Usatama’s. Now I laid grass all on my porch and bought some light up eggs and added little bunny ears to them along with some cut out of Usatama’s that I made. Like I said these little creatures are some of my favorite Disney characters and because they are mischievous I needed to A LOT so they look like they were stirring up some trouble on the porch. There are some hanging from the ceiling, over the rail, and breaking into the house. I also put one on poor Benny (our skeleton resident).

I personally think it brings a lot of chaotic fun on the porch. If you listen closely you can hear the Usatama on the Run! song playing. Very lightly but if you know, you know. You know?


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