30 in 30 Manga Challenge 2023: Update #2

14 days in the 30 in 30 Manga Challenge!

This month has been pretty busy so I have only read one volume per day which I am truly enjoying. I am taking my time and really loving each volume that I read. Here are the volumes I have read since the last update!

  1. Black Butler vol. 15
  2. Black Butler vol 16
  3. Assassination Classroom vol. 1
  4. Assassination Classroom vol. 2
  5. Assassination Classroom vol. 3
  6. Assassination Classroom vol. 4
  7. Assassination Classroom vol. 5

I decided to put a hold on Black Butler because I only own up to vol. 16 and have purchased way too many books this month. I really enjoy Assassination Classroom so far. I have watched the live action movie and LOVED it. It is so good. What books are you currently reading?


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