Rogers: The Musical

Calling all Super Hero and Theater fans, for a SMASHING new show!

If you remember, in the first episode of the Disney+ series “Haawkeye,” fans were treated to an exciting broadway musical theater sequence featuring Steve Rogers, Captain America. Since it captured the hearts of many fans, Kevin Feige, treated guests at the D23 Expo last September to a popup version of the musical’s “Save the City.”

Beginning June 30, 2023, guests will get to experience the action pact musical in real-life, all-new short one-act musical theater production of “Rogers: The Musical” as it bursts onto the stage at the Hyperion Theater at Disney California Adventure park. Talented casts of singers and dancers will tell the story of Steve Rogers – Captain America – joined by Peggy Carter, Nick Fury and a select member of the Avengers. The musical will take take guests on a journey from Steve’s humble beginning during WWII to becoming Captain America. The show will run approximately 30 minutes, from Tuesday through Saturday most weeks.


  • Save the City
  • Star Spangled Man

Plus there will be five new original songs written specifically for Rogers. Of course they wouldn’t be Disney if they didn’t have merchandise, food and beverages themed to “Rogers: The Musical” more details will be shared closer to the opening of the Musical.

Are you excited? What are you most looking forward too?


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